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This is a wonderful job !!! Looking for an energetic couple with experience and the ability to deep clean a property, excellent culinary/chef skills, housekeeping/laundry, and maintenance care for the grounds and the buildings and residence. Must be technical and mechanical to care for multiple pieces of sports equipment on the property. Excellent housekeeping ability - highly organized, see where and when things need attention and maintain them in pristine order, laundry, beds, closet care, deep cleaning when necessary, guest-ready status at all times. Ability to serve - formal and informal Seamless culinary capacity to shop for all supplies and provisions, prepare menus and cook beautiful meals. So, must be technical and mechanical, chef experience, housekeeping and serving. Excellent background and references, experience within a beautiful property as a HOUSE COUPLE, PROPERTY COUPLE, ESTATE COUPLE - where you have been responsible for these exact skills; cooking, cleaning and mechanical maintenance and complete care of the indoors and outdoors. Must speak English fluently. Must have a valid and clean Drivers License Legally able to work in the US Highly energetic and flexible Must be looking for a long term multi-year post Send your resume Immediate start date

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