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EXPERIENCED HOUSE/ESTATE MANGER Experienced House Manager required to look after multiple properties for prominent family.

Prior experience with extensive property refurbishment required, contract management, budgeting and effective project management skills essential. Ideally this role requires a seasoned member of staff who is able to step into any role within the household and lead in a hands-on manner.

Candidates will be required to ensure that two properties are maintained and operating to the highest possible standard in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Looking for highly knowledgeable hands-on household staff management for each residence, overseeing the daily upkeep of the residences which should be kept to the highest possible standard. You must have exceptional attention to detail, be extremely well organized and able to adapt to last minute changes.

Due to the requirements of the role, you should have an energetic and practical approach to work with the flexibility to work for prolonged periods without days off and the flexibility to work long hours during the busy periods (assistance with the planning of functions and events required). You will be responsible for the overall maintenance of the residences and all technical services including IT services and Audio and Visual services thus a technically minded candidate is essential for this position.

You will have complete oversight of all cleaning services which will include laundry services; washing, ironing and repairs to fine clothing and other fabrics. You will oversee all food preparation services at the residences and other managed properties including all cooking, waiter/ butler service and food shopping. Additionally, you will care for the family's fine art, antiques and jewellery collection which will include regular updates to the computerized inventory system and insurance schedule. A true all-rounder is required for this role with the ability to juggle multiple tasks and oversee refurbishment projects. Effective communication skills to manage a team of over 15 staff and liaise with senior staff and the principals. Salary and package negotiable for the right candidate


COMPUTER SAVVY - highly technical Complete understanding of each and every position within the staffing of the property in a familiar hand-on manner so you can always know exactly what is required to fulfill the duties and ensure the excellent and thorough care accordingly by the dedicated staff member Working knowledge of finery whether it be great linen, crystal, rare antiques, priceless art and artifacts, fine specialty finishes, wines, great food, vendor relations, knowledge of local purveyors and craftspeople. Desire to wrap your intellect, knowledge and experience around creating a smooth running efficient estate in every aspect inclusive of team building and ensuring all systems and finely tuned in a healthy happy work environment.

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