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Looking for an experienced, energetic & dynamic mechanically minded/technically savvy experienced LIVE IN HOUSE COUPLE for this very top-tier fully equipped state of the art estate. You will need to bring your organic understanding of high-tech systems, art, organic cleaning & laundry to hit the ground running at this wonderful property. LOOKING FOR: - experience within a beautiful property caring for all aspects of a finely appointed household both inside and out - experience with museum quality art work - knowledge of mechanical systems, SMART HOME, IT, pool/spa care, tennis court care - oversight of vendors, managing expenses and work completion - ability to perform light touch-ups, light construction, light plumbing care, watch for leaks, changing bulbs - common sense and mindful eye for detail, discerning high level of care and service minded of respectful appreciation of boundaries and engagement - pride and care in job completion, guest-ready preparedness - great ability to perform laundry care, wardrobe care, meticulous cleaning, deep cleaning

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