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A beautiful large historic townhouse appointed with finery, rare art + antiques and one of kind objets d'arts requires a HIGHLY sophisticated ENERGETIC & FLEXIBLE couple well versed in; * Technical, mechanical, light maintenance; plumbing tweaks/paint touch-ups/hooking up and syncing all gadgetry/SMART-HOME/minor repairs, etc. * Oversee all staff to ensure flawless care and seamless performance of all duties; laundry, ironing, pressing, steaming, wardrobe care/storage and rotation, packing and unpacking * Team-building, training, guidance and hands-on participation in seeing the spotless care of all areas of a large home * Over-see and liaise with Chef's formal service, guest-relations * Coordinate all family scheduling with the Butler and Estate Manager * MANY vendors to coordinate and oversee, mindful of security & privacy and the efficiency and care taken by everyone who enters this museum quality property - You MUST really know what you are doing and want to see yourself within this live-in situation for a long time. - Exercise total discretion at all times - The demands are rigorous and challenging so you will need to be flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing day. - MUST HAVE 5-7 years experience within a prominent estate and fully apprised of all the multiple problem-solving skills absolutely necessary to get through the day and be of service as needed - NOTE: you will not be able to succeed if you are not fully skilled in the areas of technical, mechanical, systems, electrical as the family will expect you to troubleshoot for them. Additionally, if you do not know how properly to care for fine linen, all laundry, all bed making, all highly skilled care of pristine crystal & china, impeccable cleaning standards and guest-ready relations then it is just going to work. - An Engineering degree is a plus - A thorough background check will be conducted and all references of course.

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