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YEAR-ROUND, TWO DAYS PER WEEK LAUNDRESS This small, but active household requires a top notch Laundress two days per week to do all the laundering of fine linens, bath towels, and beautiful garments. Your impeccable unfailing knowledge of fabric care, delicates, hand laundering, manger usage proficient, care of fine fabrics, attention to stains and mending and the proper storage care of one of a kind garments if a MUST. Laundering is your only focus. Your discerning abilities to select the proper care of each garment within this extensive an beautiful wardrobe is the professional level in which you must be comfortable and fully knowledgeable with. Light sewing, steaming and pressing, proper hanging and storage care with extremely neat organization in setting the closet to order, and ALL care of fine linens for table napkins and towels as well. There is a team of Housekeepers but you will be responsible for your Laundry room, ordering supplies, and ensuring the machines and appliances are operating perfectly if they require a service technician or if the laundry room requires additional equipment for optimum performance. You must be a team-player, all staff members have been with the family for a lengthy time - you must coordinate and liaise with all staff members to ensure all aspects are cared for. Must have no less than 5 years direct high-profile Laundress experience and FULLY apprised of all special attention required by a beautiful and valuable wardrobe so as not to shrink or damage any items!!!

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