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LIVE-OUT, HANDS-ON, YEAR ROUND - HOUSEKEEPER, HAMPTON'S Caring for the well-being of this beautiful home all year. Looking for an excellent trustworthy competent and capable hands-on candidate with beautiful experience and the ability to assess any number of conditions that require assistance and care - whether it be snow-removal in the Winter season or a broken pipe and ensuring a Plumber arrive to the home and manages the care must have a discerning and highly capable capacity to work on your own and ensure that all the maintenance and the clean upkeep and care is seen to at all times. Your skills and the quality of your care must exhibit an extra level of good judgement, analyze what actions need to be taken, be a self-started and work extremely well on your own - during summer you will be surrounded by a team of support staff to assist you. You must also be an excellent problem solver and work well at caring for beautiful linens, laundry, all care of valuable furnishings and various art pieces. Summer's are busy and Winter is the time to ensure that all systems are thoroughly cleaned, maintained and cared for to make way for the busy summer months ahead...organizing the closets and storage spaces, stocking and supplies and polishing all surfaces, cleaning pantry, fridge, windows and all aspects of fine-tuning all areas in preparation of busy days/weeks and summer months ahead. Must know how to manage the security system and close up the home properly upon the completion of your day. Must Drive Verifiable references 5+ Years direct care of a pristine property and home Team-player Work extremely well on your own Must have an unblemished character of being trustworthy, reliable, and the ability to work on your own with careful scheduling of your day, project oriented and have a sense of accomplishing deeds in the day. You must circulate throughout the entire household to always ensure you are carefully monitoring all matters for your employer in the PERFECT care of their property and valuables.

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